IT LAw And Data protection law

Our law firm will advise and represent you on all legal issues under relating to IT and data protection Law.

IT Law

IT (information technology) law exists at the cross-section of fundamental civil law principles and a few particuar regulations from specific areas.

Our services in IT Law:

    We examine Purchase and License Agreements, Terms and Conditions, Software Development Agreements, App Development Agreements and Website Creation Agreements and determine if they have force in law and effectively safeguard your rights and title.

    We advise hardware and software companies, app developers, programmers and companies on legal aspects of the enforcement of, and the defence against, claims based on contract law, competition law or copyright law.

Data Protection Law

On 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) came into effect in all EU member states. With pleasure, we offer highly competent advice on all legal issues relating to data protection law.

Our services in the Data Protection Law sector:

    We will assert your data privacy rights both in and out of court.

    We assist in avoidance of data protection disputes by ensuring compliance with the relevant measures well in advance.

    We offer you support in designing of company-wide frameworks to comply with data protection requirements.